Coding Stripe Column Visualization Options

12.05.2016, 07:29

Hi, I'm using release 12.1.3. and Macbook (El Capitain). In the document browser window, code names are shown horizontally. The codes names are truncated and overlap each other when multiple codes are assigned to the same document segment. I think that displaying the code names vertically would improve the visibility in this case. This is currently not an option according to the manual chapter 7.13.
Any suggestions on how to improve the visibility of code names?

Version: MAXQDA 12
System: Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
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Re: Coding Stripe Column Visualization Options

17.05.2016, 02:40

Theo -

I do three things to help me in this area (and I'm using Windows not Mac):
1. try to keep codes to one or two words (but my code system does have about 10% of codes with four or more words)
2. expand the coding strips column. You can mouse over the dividing line in the header (under the document title) and widen the column. That way I've been able to see all my codes in full. (A widescreen monitor is also a wise investment -- in fact, that's the one thing I would say makes my work with MAXQDA super-productive.)
3. create a colour scheme for groups of codes. I didn't bother paying attention to colours at the beginning of my project but now I've become familiar with my data and my analysis, I've used distinct colours for groups of codes. In my case, 'Technology' and its children is a shade of blue; 'Culture' and its children is green; 'Career outcomes' and its children are orange. When I look at the coding strips, they now have that extra dimension (colour) which helps with analysis.

Otherwise, MAXQDA staff might have some ideas for you.

Kindest regards

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