Merging audio documents

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I am analysing an interview and some of my recordings have more than one part (due technical issues on Skype). For my lack of experience I forgot to use some software like Audacity to put these multiple parts into one audiofile. I only realized this once I was done coding the files.

No my question is, if I can merge these multiple coded documents in MAXQDA or maybe if there is a way to make them "act" as one during outputs and analysis.

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Re: Merging audio documents

21.04.2016, 16:10

Hello František,

Many thanks for your post. It will be better to integrate the data into one document for later analysis.
There is no built in "automatic" way for merging documents, but there may be a manual way to try this.

The main idea is to paste a text at the beginning of a target text and transfer the coding work with teamwork functions:
1. Please create a backup copy of your project to test the procedure.
2. Open Document A and copy the whole text to the clipboard.
3. Open Document B, switch on Edit Mode and paste the whole text at the beginning of the text. Close the Edit Mode.
4. Right click on Document A and choose "Export teamwork" and save the coding work in a file.
5. Right click on Document B and choose "Import teamwork" and open the saved file.
6. In the dialog ensure, that Document B is selected as the target document.
7. If prompted, that the documents are not identical, say "Import anyway".
=> MAXQDA will import the coding work from document A into B.

The time stamps (if you have some) will not be transferred, but you can keep the original parts of the transcript in the original documents, let's say in a folder called "original documents" or something similar.

Hope this helps
Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,
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