Sync project between two computers

14.01.2016, 14:03

I want to use the MAXQDA in more than one computer (in single-user mode) - for example: one installation on Mac computer (home) and other in Windows PC (workplace).
My questions are: which is the better way to work in the same project in both computers (not simultaneously, of course)? Can I use a synchronized folder between the two computers (using, for example, BitTorrent Sync or cloud syncing services) and simply work in the same project in both computers, in different moments?
It 's possible? Any risk? Using MAXQDA 12 in both computers, are the project files completely compatibles between the two systems (mac and windows)?
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Re: Sync project between two computers

14.01.2016, 14:49

Hello pammap,

many thanks for your request. Regarding the synch question, please see our Frequently Asked Questions: ... ke-dropbox

Shortly: we recommend to use dropbox only for synching, not for opening and working with a project.

Regarding the compatibility: yes, Mac and Windows are equal and you can change between the operating systems.

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