Coding stripes on video browser

11.01.2016, 20:21

I am coding videos and would like to be able to hide certain coding stripes in the video browser, i.e. show only activated codes. I can find the menu for switching off code stripes in the document browser (for text documents or transcripts), but is it possible to do this in the multimedia browser window? Alternatively, is there a way to adjust the order in which stripes are displayed so at least I can move the codes I'm working with to the top, right near the video, so they don't keep getting pushed down out of sight?
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Re: Coding stripes on video browser

12.01.2016, 09:41

Hi JessicaR,

many thanks for your request. We are very sorry, but this is not possible right now, but we noted it already on the feature request list (there is no time schedule for this function yet, but we understand the need of it).

Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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