merging coded document files

21.12.2015, 10:53


I am trying to merge two document files (interviewA_beginning.rtf and interviewA_end.rtf) which have already been coded, while retaining all the code information.
I have tried to copy-paste, but the codes do not come along with the text.
How can I merge two documents or copy text from one document and paste it including codes in another document?
Many thanks for your help,
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Re: merging coded document files

23.12.2015, 15:23

Hi SDomptail,

this may be a little bit tricky but it should work:

1. Open the text that has to be added at the top (!) of the other text in MAXQDA.
2. Copy the whole content of it to the clipboard.
3. Right click on the textname in the "Document System" and choose "Teamwork Export" and save the file (it contains the coding information).

4. Open the other text and switch on the "Edit mode" by clicking on the Edit icon. (maybe you need to switch to another project)
5. Paste the text at the really beginning of the other text. You may add returns as you need them at the end of the text to separate it a little bit from the other text.
6. Switch off the "Edit mode".

7. Right click on the target text in the "Document System" and choose "Teamwork import" and then select the previously saved file.
8. Be sure to choose the correct document in the dialog as the target document.
9. Import the coded segments by clicking OK.

Hope this helps
Best regards,
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