Changing codes/recoding segments

09.12.2015, 08:18

Hi everybody

I've been using MAXQDA12 to code my data for almost one year already, it's being great.

Now, when reviewing my codes, I'm changing my mind in how I coded some parts of my text. Is there a way of changing the applied code to a segment? A better way than "select segment + delete the previous code + apply the new code". I'm asking because I have more than a thousand documents and a something like 100 - 200 segments that I want to change the applied code.

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Re: Changing codes/recoding segments

10.12.2015, 03:34

paulodzi -

If you want to make individual changes, because each coding decision is unique, then the method you have below is the only way to go.

But, if you have mass changes to make, then there are mass methods available to you. Before you begin, duplicate your project (Project > Duplicate Project) so you have a recent backup in case things don't work out the way you want.

For example, if you have many segments coded as [b:1ag6d4gj]Code1 [/b:1ag6d4gj]and you want to now change all those segments to [b:1ag6d4gj]Code2[/b:1ag6d4gj], I would do this:
- Activate desired documents
- Right click on [b:1ag6d4gj]Code1 [/b:1ag6d4gj]in code system, and select [b:1ag6d4gj]Overview of Coded Segments[/b:1ag6d4gj]
- The system will display all the coded segments using Code1
- In the toolbar, click the icon for [b:1ag6d4gj]Code retrieved segments with new code[/b:1ag6d4gj]
- Create new code, Code2, and click OK
- The system will code all the segments listed in the overview window with the new code, Code2. Your segments will be coded with Code1 AND Code2.

If you want to recode only some of the segments that have Code1 applied, you can hold down Ctrl on your keyboard and select multiple rows in the overview window, by clicking on the first column per row, then autocode with the new code. The system will only autocode the highlighted rows.

If you have no further use for coded segments using Code1, you can then delete the coding for Code1:
- Activate desired documents
- Right click on [b:1ag6d4gj]Code1[/b:1ag6d4gj], then select [b:1ag6d4gj]Overview of Coded Segments[/b:1ag6d4gj]
- Select all the rows by clicking on the first column of the first row, then scroll to the last row, hold down Shift, click the first column of the last row.
- Right click one of the rows.
- System displays a context menu.
- Select [b:1ag6d4gj]Delete[/b:1ag6d4gj], then click [b:1ag6d4gj]OK[/b:1ag6d4gj].
- System will delete codings for Code1. Now you are left with coded segments using Code2.

If you want to remove Code1 entirely from your project, then you can right click on Code1 in the code system and select [b:1ag6d4gj]Delete Code[/b:1ag6d4gj]. This also will delete all codings attached to documents, for Code1.

Best wishes and happy re-coding!

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Re: Changing codes/recoding segments

10.12.2015, 06:36

Hi Justin

You gave me such nice options, I must say that I never used the "Overview of coded segments" before, it's powerful! :)

Thanks for your help!

Have a nice coding and christmas, :D
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