MaxQDA 12 - Memo Type Label not in export of coded segments

07.12.2015, 19:41

When I export retrieved segments with option "Include memos" selected, I expected to see the memo "Type label" to be included in the spreadsheet.

The exported spreadsheet has a column for Memos, but the Type label information is not included.

Steps to reproduce
1. Select text segment in an activated document
2. Assign an activated code to the text segment
3. Click New Memo for the selected text
4. Select a Type from the icons provided
5. Enter a Type Label
6. Enter appropriate text in the Memo text field
7. Exit memo
8. Click Project/Export/Retrieved Segments
9. Tick "Include Memos" option
10. Click OK

Observe that the memo shows a memo type in the hover and the memo, but not in the spreadsheet

Excel Question.JPG
Excel Export
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Question Memo.JPG
Question Memo.JPG (34.33 KiB) Viewed 15069 times
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Re: MaxQDA 12 - Memo Type Label not in export of coded segme

08.12.2015, 17:50

Hi mloxton,

you are right, we will think about including this information in one of the next free updates for MAXQDA 12.
Please note that the type label is used for each Memo with the same icon so there are a maximum of 10 different label and it shouldn't be a great effort to add them manually as a workaround right now.

Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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