Why creating subfolders in Document System is not possible

10.11.2015, 19:34


It is strange and quite counter-inuitive not to have the functionality of subfolders in Document System. Subfolders are very important for organising the files of the project.

I would like to know how people are able to organise their projects without the ability to create subfolders. Any tips?

Also, for MAXQDA team, is this subfolder functionality an issue that you are working on at the moment and that you will release an update to solve?

Thank you
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Re: Why creating subfolders in Document System is not possib

11.11.2015, 11:07

Dear HazemAH,

many thanks for your post. We are not working on this issue at the moment. Several MAXQDA features are based on the logic to have main document groups and in most cases the existing possibilities are sufficient.

Are you familiar with the document sets? Maybe they will help you to group your data. They allow to group your data material in many different ways, because they contain a link to an existing document and such a link can be part of many document sets:
http://www.maxqda.com/en/support/help/m ... ntsets.htm

If you share what kind of data you have and what you would like to group, we may have some more additional hints.

Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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