Match survey results to video coding data

29.10.2015, 20:55

Hi everyone,

I'm new to MAXQDA and my question is probably easy to answer but having tried things a bit for a few hours, I can honestly say I still don't get it.

I have two kinds of data: 1) tabular results from an online survey for each participant 2) a video file for each participant, recording how they completed the survey.

I would like to bring the participants' results from the online survey and the video codings together. How does this work?

Many thanks,

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Re: Match survey results to video coding data

30.10.2015, 10:37

Hi Sauterelle,

many thanks for your post. Indeed this is not trivial, but maybe these hints may help:

1. You can import the survey responses via the function "Documents > Import documents from Excel spreadsheet" Then MAXQDA will create one document for each case (= row). See here for more information: ... rom-tables

2. After you have imported the documents, you can link each document to its video file:
right click on the document in the "Document System" window and choose "Properties". You can link a video file in the row labeled "Media file".

As there is only this method "by hand" this should only work for some handful of participants and may not be practical for 500 survey responses.

If this doesn't help you, we kindly ask you for more information, what you want to do and how exactly you want to "link" the videos and the survey results.

Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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