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12.10.2015, 17:20

Does anyone know how to embed a video into the same window as the Document Browser? I do not have the F4 transcribing software. Therefore, I usually cut and paste the transcript into MAX and then upload the video separately. When I play the video while trying to code the transcript, the video opens in a separate, pop up screen from the Document Browser screen. This means I have to move the video pop up screen around in order to access the media buttons and/or the code system. It would be much easier if the video was embedded into the same screen so I wouldn't have to keep moving it around every time I need to do something.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
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Re: Coding Video

15.10.2015, 14:16

Hi Jackie,

it is not possible to embed the Multimedia Browser window with the video into the Document Browser window, but I see several options:

1. If you don't need the video, but only the audio of the video, it might help to switch of the Multimedia Browser and work only with the toolbar "Media Player" to start and pause the audio.

2. MAXQDA remembers the last position of the "Multimedia Browser" window. So if you place it on the Retrieved Segments window, it should open below your transcript each time you open it (see my screen):

mmbrowser.png (186.78 KiB) Viewed 13984 times

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