Interrater and PDFs

29.09.2015, 15:22

Dear Users and Support-Team-Members,
our chair is thinking about acquiring MaxQDA, but we are having some doubts concerning the use of PDF-files.

We would like to use MAXQDA to support a systematic literature review. Can you tell me if the programme can
a) compute an intercoder-reliability and
b) if this is possible, which options do we have and
c) does this computation work with pdfs as well?

and finally if this is possible with each version of MaxQDA or if I need to download a special "teamversion".

Thank you so much for you answer!

Yours faithfully,
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Re: Interrater and PDFs

01.10.2015, 14:05

Dear Lisa,

many thanks for your request.

You can perform systematic reviews with PDFs including calcluation of intercoder agreement in MAXQDA 12.

For the correct and "sense-making" calculation of intercoder agreement it would be necessary to work with a pre-defined code scheme and to pre-define the segments to be coded. The intercoder agreement can be calculated pairwise for documents for two coders.
See [url:130h5t7k]!Documents/theagreementtestingconceptinmaxqda.htm[/url:130h5t7k] for more details

You can work with any installation of MAXQDA, there is no special "teamwork edition". We suggest to create one MAXQDA project file that contains all PDFs to be coded (if the file amount/size is very large you can save the PDFs as external documents) and the code system. Then you deliver this file to each coder who adds "_Codername" to each document name in the "Document System" window.

Each coder codes on its own and then you use the function "Project > Merge projects" to merge the copys of the project. Please note that for using the intercoder agreement function each PDF has to be there twice: from coder 1 and from coder 2. If you merge the projects of two coders you will get the needed project file.

We hope this information helps and wasn't too much for the beginning.
Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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