Maximum number of documents

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Is there a "safe" limit of files in which I can work on the software? I have here around 2.500 word documents (no images), should I split it in two MAXQDA files? I'm working on a macbook pro - 8gb ram

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Re: Maximum number of documents

18.09.2015, 03:43

Hello -

My own project is much smaller than yours but I have been importing Word docs with the matching MP3s. The MP3s are quite large. I believe that performance may degrade slightly as the size of the database increases, but you can configure the system to not embed large PDF and image files (see Project > Preferences).

If you did have two projects, then you'd have to copy the code system between projects, or somehow maintain an identical code system between the two projects, and you would not be able to see all coded segments simultaneously, when retrieving segments. I wonder if this might be more trouble for you, than having a single project.

Kindest regards

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Re: Maximum number of documents

21.09.2015, 21:08

Hi paulodzi,

MAXQDA should be able to cope with 2,500 documents and we would recommend to try it. You can split up your project any time later, if you run into performance trouble. As Justin already mentioned it is helpful most times to have all data of a research project in one project file.

Let me add some general hints regarding performance and amount of data in MAXQDA. There are some main factors that someone should consider when setting up a MAXQDA project and that may interwine:
- the number of documents in the Document System
- the lenght of the single documents
- the number of codes in the Code System
- the amount of coded segments per document

There are practical limits for each of the factors, for example it should work to handle 2,500 documents together with 2,000 codes. But if in addition each single document is very large (> 100 pages) and if it has lots of coded segments (> 500) MAXQDA will run into trouble (but not only MAXQDA :wink: )

Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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