Optimal size of MaxQDA file?

15.07.2015, 03:49

Hi, I was wondering whether there is an "optimal" size for a MaxQDA file? For example, I wanted to do complex retrievals in my file that is now exceeding 50 mo and it didn't work, just bugging. So I was wondering whether I should split my file into two or more files in order to work more easily with it. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Optimal size of MaxQDA file?

18.07.2015, 08:46

Hi Virgie54,

many thanks for your request. There is no optimal file size for a MAXQDA file in general and the function of the complex retrieval does not primarily depend on the file size.

Would it be possible that you describe, what you want to do with the complex retrieval and what doesn't work? Maybe we have some hints that we can share in this forum. Please add the information with what MAXQDA version you are using and if you are working with a Mac or with Windows.

If the request is too complex we can switch to the online support, instead, and have a look at your project, which you can send us here:

Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,
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