Opening .mx5 files with Reader

14.07.2015, 09:43

I work on a PC in my office and occasionally use MAXReader 11 on my Mac when I am travelling. I have just come away to discover that the project I need - which I was working on just before I left - is in the .mx5 format and that my version of Reader won't open it. Does anyone know of any way of accessing this file on my Mac? Or can I only curse my stupidity and wait until I'm back in the office (I guess I need to convert the file to .mx11?).

Many thanks!
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Re: Opening .mx5 files with Reader

18.07.2015, 08:37

Hi Sarah,

if you want to open a MX5 file with MAXQDA 11 for Mac you need to open it with MAXQDA 11 for Windows and save it in the MAXQDA Exchange Format first. The function can be found in the "Project" menu and is labelled with "Export MAXQDA exchange file".

So you need to have a computer with MAXQDA 11 for Windows (the MAXQDA 11 Reader for Windows would be ok, too).

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