Latest Mac version keeps crashing

12.07.2015, 08:04


I just upgraded to version 11.2.2 for Mac, and now, whenever I have more than about 20 segments in the retrieved segments window, it freezes and then crashes when I get about halfway down the list. This is very frustrating. It definitely isn't something that was happening before I did the upgrade. Can you please look into this?

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Re: Latest Mac version keeps crashing

18.07.2015, 08:16

Hi Duckster,

of course we will look into it! Maybe it is a special issue with the project, because we can't reproduce the issue, so we kindly ask you to contact our online support team, and send us your project:

Please add a short description, when the crash happens: when you scroll in the Retrieved Segments window, or when it is filled or when you click on a segment ... This will help us identify a solution fast.

In addition it would be very, very helpful, if you could be so kind, to send us one crash report that the Mac offers you after a crash. You don't need to wait until it happens again, because Mac saves crash reports for a short time period. You can find them here:

1. Open Mac Finder
2. Choose "Go > Utilities"
3. Open Console
4. Click on the triangle next to "User Diagnostic Reports"
5. Click on an entry with MAXQDA
6. You can copy the content of the report in the online formula
(see for a detailled description).

Best regards,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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