Codes not appearing in memo manager list

03.06.2015, 00:22

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[/attachment:1q79ds6r]Using MAXQDA Version 11 (Release 11.1.0, Build 150305) in Windows 7 (Enterprise), (Enterprise Edition) v6.1 Build:7601 Service Pack:1, (Terminal Services in Remote Admin Mode), (Media Center Edition), (Multiprocessor Free).

Expected: codes shown in memo list where a code was dragged and dropped into the memo.
Actual: no codes visible in memo manager or "all my memos" even though a memo is known to contain a code.
(see screenshot)

Steps to reproduce:
1. start multimedia browser
2. start play
3. click on "new memo"
4. enter memo notes
5. drag code to "Codes" section of open memo
6. observe code has been accepted and save memo
7. activate the document
8. activate the code
9. start memo manager
10. open saved memo
11. observe that code is still listed in memo
12. observe that code is not listed for that memo in memo manager
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Re: Codes not appearing in memo manager list

08.06.2015, 10:25

Dear mloxton,

the column "Code" in the Memo Manager is reserved for code memos only. These are such memos that are not attached to a document, but to a code in the Code System. The section "Codes" in the (document) memo window only lists related or linked codes.
Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,

Katrin Kleemann
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