Export document and coded segments.

02.06.2015, 21:27

I am trying to export the documents (I have many) with the coded segments included. Is there a way to do this for the Windows version?
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Re: Export document and coded segments.

03.06.2015, 10:54

Dear asdf1234,

if you want to export a text document as a pdf file, you can do so with the help of a pdf printer. This is an external program you need to install separately in Windows. They can be downloaded from the internet for free (e.g. PDF24 or PDF Creator).

Once you have installed such a pdf printer on your system, you can click the icon "print document" in the toolbar of your document browser and choose the pdf printer in the printing dialog box. Afterwards you can choose whether or not you would like to visualize the memos and codings in the text.

If you want to change the width of the coding stripe in the pdf file, you can do that via "Project > Print/Export settings".
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Katrin Kleemann
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