Advice on large volumes of audio files?

01.04.2015, 16:34

I have received ~120 audio files of 1hr interviews, all related to a single topic. The files are in *mp3, *.wav, and *.m4a formats and range from 30MB to 600MB in size.
Does anyone have suggestions or tips on handling these in MaxQDA?

- Can I import all 120 into a single project without anything bad happening?
- If I can't do that, any suggestions on tying the different projects together?
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Re: Advice on large volumes of audio files?

01.04.2015, 20:15

Hello -

A single project is preferred, but you can set the maximum file size for external files under Project > Options. Choose something quite small (say 5 MB). That way MAXQDA will save your external files outside the project and you will have good performance.

More information here: ... lfiles.htm

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