Bug: Retrieved segments table view: fields keep reappearing

19.03.2015, 16:08


With retrieved segments in table view, and only particular fields visible (Comment, Code, Begin, End) if I edit a code or add a code, the retrieved segments table view reverts to showing all fields (Comment, Document group, document name). Also the widths of the field columns reverts to equal spacing whereas I set them to have Comment the widest and 'begin' and 'end' narrower.

Ross Adamson
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Re: Bug: Retrieved segments table view: fields keep reappear

26.03.2015, 08:42

Hi Ross,

many thanks for your post and we are very sorry for the late reply. We see the issue and will try to optimize this in a free update for the Mac version (I assume you use the MAXQDA for Mac version).

Meanwhile we suggest, that you use the "Overview of coded segments" window instead, because the layout of this table view should be saved not only temporarily: if you click on the button "Overview of retrieved segments" in the Retrieved Segments window, MAXQDA will open a table with the coded segments.

We hope this helps,
best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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