Data Storage

02.03.2015, 23:37

Hi, all. I have a question about IRB & Data Storage.

When the study is complete, can you save all of your MAX qda audio & text coding on a thumb drive or something similar for long term storage?

Also, how long is the audio "good"? Indefinitely?

Lastly, I have the demo & it seems pretty straight forward & easy. Is audio coding as easy as NVIVO?

Lastly lastly, for US users have you experienced issues that cannot be handled by email (Is not having a US number an issue for tech support/trouble shooting)?

Thank you so much for any assistance. It is greatly appreciated.
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Re: Data Storage

11.03.2015, 10:41

Hi AnonyMouse,

many thanks for your questions. We think that IRB & Data Storage is a general question and is not a special MAXQDA issue. We are no experts on this topic but we think that a thumb drive may not be the best storage solution for long term archiving. Maybe you find some answers to this questions in the web?

We hope that coding audio directly should be easy in MAXQDA. Please have a try with the latest updates of the MAXQDA Windows version 11.1 or the Mac version 11.2.1. You should find some hints in our tutorials, like this one for video coding which is similar to audio coding (just without a picture :) ):

We haven't experienced issues with US users that couldn't be fixed by mail.

We hope these answers helped!
Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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