Sum subcodes in crosstab

25.02.2015, 10:22


I'm finding the crosstab feature very useful to compare across my data. However, I can't see how to sum subcodes in crosstab mode.

I have a large number of quite detailed subcodes which I have arranged under more general codes. I don't really want to fold the subcodes into the codes at this point as I will lose detail. However, I do want to compare the distribution of codes across different document variables.

My codes are arranged as follows:

1. Top level codes
2. Mid level codes
3. Subcodes

I want to compare the distribution of mid level codes across document variables. The mid-level codes are simply categories and have no coding, but they have plenty of subcodes. I want to use crosstab to sum all the subcodes and include them when it reports on the mid level codes.

Is there any way to do this, other than by copying all the coding from the subcodes in to the mid level codes? I don't really want to do this, because I might add more subcodes later, and then the mid level coding would no longer be current.

Many thanks

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Re: Sum subcodes in crosstab

03.03.2015, 13:35

Dear John,

you might find the Code-Matrix-Browser more useful for this request than the crosstabs:

At first, you should create document sets with the help of the document variables. Then you can activate the desired sets as well as the codes of interest and start the Code-Matrix-Browser ("Visual Tools > Code-Matrix-Browser"). Choose for the columns "Document sets". Decide whether you need the number of all the coded segments or just the number of coded documents.
If you need the percentage of codings, you can export the Code-Matrix-Browser to Excel and calculate it there.
Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,

Katrin Kleemann
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