Export Code System in Explorer-like tree structure

15.02.2015, 00:46

Dear Sirs,
Is there a way that I can export the code System in that explorer like tree structure as displayed in the code system window in MAXQDA 11?
I know I can export it into an Excel (Project/Reports&Export) but to have the tree-structure overview would be nice (e.g. export int jpeg).

thanks a lot, Niran
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Re: Export Code System in Explorer-like tree structure

16.02.2015, 15:05

Hi NiranTH,

thanks for your question. No, there is no option to export the Code System window as an image. Maybe you could create a screenshot of it, after you have switched off the Document System to give the Code System more space in height.

Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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