Opening multiple windows

29.01.2015, 02:40

Every time I use MAXQDA after a few months, I have trouble opening multiple widows. I am able to drag a second window open from the left bit by bit, although it is cumbersome because I cannot grab the edge of the second window and easily drag it open, but I cannot open any bottom windows.

I want four open at once. Please advise
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Re: Opening multiple windows

30.01.2015, 22:36

Dear prbrandon,

we are not sure whether we understood your request correctly. Is there a problem with the 4-window-screen (with the windows "Document System", "Code System", "Document Browser" and "Retrieved Segments")? If so, you should be able to fix that with the "Screen-Layout-Manager" (e.g. "Windows > Screen Layout Manager"). Maybe it is also useful to reset your User Settings ""Project > Options > User interface").
Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,

Katrin Kleemann
Katrin Kleemann
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