Installing MaxQDA Reader on same windows machine as MaxQDA

28.01.2015, 17:37

Are there any issues with installing the MaxQDA Reader on the same PC (Windows 7) as an existing MaxQDAPlus installation?
I use MaxQDAPlus, but would like to demo the reader to other members of my team and clients, but don't want to risk messing up my MaxQDA Plus install.

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Re: Installing MaxQDA Reader on same windows machine as MaxQ

30.01.2015, 22:31

Dear mloxton,

as MAXQDA and MAXReader are two separate programs, there should not be any problems installing both on the same system. They co-exist on my computer without any problems whatsoever.
Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,

Katrin Kleemann
Katrin Kleemann
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