Time stamp bug?

08.11.2014, 20:20

I have MaxQDA 11 for Windows, release 11.0.10. If I open a transcript document that is linked to an audio file, place the insertion point at the beginning of a paragraph, and press F8 to insert a time stamp, two things may happen. If the document is in edit mode, a time stamp is inserted, only marked by the usual icon to the left of the text, as intended. If the document is [i:2h6p4z8p]not[/i:2h6p4z8p] in edit mode, however, the outcome is much more complex, as follows. 1. A very visible text in time stamp format is inserted in the text, on a new line/paragraph preceding the insertion point. 2. The usual icon appears to the left of the text. 3. The beginning of all subsequent color markers for coding in the text is shifted one line up, while the ending of the same markers remain in place. This really creates havoc! Without a trace back function, this has created hours of extra work for me because I have to manually recode the rest of the document again. I keep forgetting to switch to edit mode before inserting new time stamps because I also keep coding in the same session.
While we are waiting for the software developers to fix this, does anyone have suggestions for me? I have only used MaxQDA for a few days, really, so I may very well have missed out on something.
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Re: Time stamp bug?

12.11.2014, 12:27

Hi Hakonf,

this may be a little bit tricky. If Edit Mode is switched off, MAXQDA thinks, you don't want to transcribe, but you want to segment the file by timestamps. This is useful if you are coding videos or audios in the waveform in the Multimedia Browser directly.

If you could send us the project file you have been working on, we can have a deeper look at the issue with changing the coding structure with the "inbound" timestamps. Please visit our online support team formula and refer to this forum entry:


Best regards,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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Stefan Rädiker
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Re: Time stamp bug?

01.12.2014, 12:27

I did what Stefan suggested: I entered a support request and referred to this forum entry. After a couple of exchanges, their programmers were able to reproduce the issue and "are working on a solution to be implemented in our free update 11.1.10, appearing soon".

Well done!
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