Returns in cells in Excel import

20.10.2014, 02:32

Newbie here! I'm importing a large number of blog posts that I've scraped from the web. I have them in Excel but the actual post content doesn't import correctly if there's a return. Specifically it's the 2 required columns, a column for date, title, url, and post content. One row for each blog post. I deleted what I importednand replaced the new lines in Excel and the re-imported, but is there a better way? Should it work? I would imagine some surveys with longer answers might have new lines?

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Re: Returns in cells in Excel import

27.10.2014, 16:51

Hello Christina,
Welcome! MAXQDA should import the content of a cell that contains text as one body of text during the import from spreadsheet. It would probably be a good idea for you to contact the MAXQDA support team directly at and send along the excel file you want to import. This way they can check if there is something in the excel file that needs to be changed for a successful import process.

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Julia Gerson
Julia Gerson
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