Adapt page numbers pdf files

10.09.2014, 07:30

I want to use MAXQDA11 to analyze documents (pdfs) and interview data.
Concerning the pdf-files: The program automatically numbers the document from 1 to x. I am, however, analzing journal articles that have different page numbers, not starting with 1. To afterwards use the coded text for writing a paper I need the real page-numbers for making references. Is it possible to adapt the page-numbers of these pdfs? I couldn't find any info on that problem in the manual.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Re: Adapt page numbers pdf files

12.09.2014, 08:29

Dear Michèle,

many thanks for your question. MAXQDA counts each PDF page starting with 1, there is no option to change this.

If you want to cite pages in your analysis it may be an option to export the coded segments to excel and add the offset of pages with a formula.

Another hint: If you add a document variable called "PDF pages" in the "List of document variables" you can put in the page offset for each imported PDF in the "Data editor (document variables)". Check the box "Display as tooltip" in the "List of document variables" and MAXQDA will show the page offset in the Retrieved Segments window and in the Excel export file of the coded segments.

See here for more information ... oltips.htm

Then you will only have to sum up the pages when citing the PDF.

Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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