Coded segments window doesn't remain at front.

31.07.2014, 10:56

I'll try to explain this as best as possible. I'm not sure if I'm describing a bug (though it kind of feels like it).
I'm working on a MacBook Pro that is connected to an external monitor (so I can look at Maxqda on one monitor and write on the other).
If I right-click on a code and choose "Overview of coded segments" then the Coded segments window appears in front of the main Maxqda window. This is good.
BUT when I then try to activate my word processor (on the other screen, but I'm not sure that's relevant), and Maxqda loses focus, the Coded segments window disappears behind the main Maxqda window.
I tried moving the Maxqda window to the side that it won't conceal the Coded segments window, but that doesn't help. The coded segments window isn't there to be seen.
However, once I revert back to the Maxqda window (by clicking in it, say), the Coded segments window reappears in front of the main Maxqda window.
The behavior I would expect (and hope for) is that when I activate my word processor, the Maxqda windows that I have open will remain visible.
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Re: Coded segments window doesn't remain at front.

07.08.2014, 09:47

Hi nicholasjohn,

You are right: some foreground windows of MAXQDA are only shown if MAXQDA has the focus (it is not behind the main window, it is just not displayed). We are already working on this behaviour, but if a program on a Mac uses two windows it can happen often that one window is behind the other, which could lead to the more strange situation that you are working with MAXQDA and the Overview of coded segments is displayed behind the main window, while you need it in front of it.

But maybe there is an easy way for your to keep the coded segments viewable in MAXQDA while you are typing in Word:
Activate all documents or some you are interested in.
Activate a code or more that you are interested in. (To activate: hold down cmd key and click on the document or code).
Now MAXQDA shows the coded segments in the Retrieved segments window, which you can change to table view by clicking the button "Change to table view".

Hope this helps!

Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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Stefan Rädiker
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Re: Coded segments window doesn't remain at front.

07.08.2014, 11:29

Hi Stefan
Yes, that's a workaround that works.
Thanks a lot,
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