Feature request

16.07.2014, 21:06

Hi All,

If this feature is already available I am likely to look very dumb - but I trust someone will tell me!

I'd like to be able to do a keyword search within a memo. Note: I am aware I can search across memo's for a keyword using the lexical search feature. However, what I want to do is search within a specific memo. Think along the lines of the search feature in the code system and document browser.

Personally I find the lexical search feature a limiting in that the search term is not highlighted in the preview of each of the returned results. Some memo's I have for core processes exceed 12,000 words - meaning the results from the lexical search are next to useless when trying to identify a particular keyword.


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Re: Feature request

17.07.2014, 15:54

Dear Adam,
thank you for the feature request. We will surely put this feature on our wish list!
Best regards,
Julia Gerson
Julia Gerson
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Re: Feature request

19.12.2014, 06:49

I'll also vote for this feature....
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