exporting overview of coded video segments

18.05.2014, 01:30

i would like to export coded video segments, and with these coded segments, create a video montage. for example, for a code called, "time," i would like to export the coded segments and use these to create a new video file that presents all the video segments that i've coded with "time". i would then like to upload the compilation of video segments to a website as a way of sharing my work on the project.

of course, MAXQDA "tags" the segment with the code i've chosen; it will not spice or make any edits to the original *.mp4 file. consequently, i am thinking that i can export the segments as a *.xlsx file, convert it to a flat file with some additional syntax, and then run the file in my video editor so that i can extract that piece of video, edit it together with other video files, and generate something to upload to a website.

i'm wondering if anyone else has had experience doing this and can share some insights. i'm also curious to know if anyone has ever embedded MAXReader into a webpage -- if MAXReader can "talk" to a browser, this might also be a way to share retrieved coded segments with others online. thank you!
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Re: exporting overview of coded video segments

20.05.2014, 14:42


we see the idea and need to export video segments as video clips and will think about an integration in a future MAXQDA version. I am not familiar with video clip software, but maybe you can convert the segment information to a "cut" information for the mp4 file ...

Looking forward to hear about your insights.

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