MaxApp functionality suggestions

13.05.2014, 22:04

Some things in how Maxapp for android works could be improved:

1. when a sound recording is being made and is ended, the garbage-can (delete) button is located exactly where the stop-recording button was. This can result in inadvertent deletion of the recording if the finger bounces or isn't removed fast enough
2. once files, images, recordings etc are made, they cannot be deleted in the app. Allowing deletion avoids uploading files that are no longer wanted.
3. there is no way to selectively upload files, so each time a file is added, an upload sends all files again even if one small text file was added.
4. dropbox is nice as an upload path, but the app should expose all available paths available on the device including email, google drive, etc.
5. since many smartphones can act like a removable drive, it would be good to know exactly where the files are being stored so that a direct drag&drop option could be available to transfer files to MaxQDA on the PC

Not finding fault, but these would make it much easier to use from where I stand.
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Re: MaxApp functionality suggestions

20.05.2014, 15:25

thank you for your feedback. Greatly appreciated!
1. True. We'll see how to make this better in the future
2. You can delete a document by tapping and holding on it. A context menu will pop up where you can delete, rename or move a document
3. This is true, each upload is for a whole project. If you know you will have multiple uploads you could organize the document into different projects, e.g. a new project for each day or each location you visit
4. We agree and already have ideas on more advanced upload options.
5. The files are stored in a private app folder, but this is connected to no 4. and we can see how this could be very useful for some people.

We will add all of your suggestion to our feature wish list!
Best regards
Julia Schehl
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Re: MaxApp functionality suggestions

12.02.2015, 01:35

Something else to look into is how the app deals with running out of memory on the device.

While recording an interview on my iPad, I got some pop up notices that memory was running out. I was also recording with another device so I didn't worry about it too much. I finished the interview and everything looked fine, but the "done" button didn't seem to work for while. Then I got to the document list and it looked like it had been recorded, but when tried to play it I realized that "00:00" had been recorded. So I guess this means if you run out of memory you lose the entire interview. It would obviously be more helpful to have the recording stop and save as soon as it runs out of room.

Another related functionality that would be helpful -- some indication of how long you might be able to record audio or video based on how much memory you have available.
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Re: MaxApp functionality suggestions

16.02.2015, 11:53

Hi pedIt3,

mayn thanks for these additional suggestions. We have integrated them into our road map for MAXApp development.

Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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Re: MaxApp functionality suggestions

13.03.2015, 15:33

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Re: MaxApp functionality suggestions

14.04.2015, 10:40

Unless I am missing something, it would also be useful to have the following features:

1. Ability to read an interview topic guide (text document) whilst recording audio simultaneously.
2. Ability to check off questions as they have been answered (reminders-style list). ideally, a time stamp would be created when the check-box is ticked, so that it is possible to browse to the question in the audio file.
3. This file would then be imported into MAXQDA as a transcription file, allowing the user to selectively jump to a question and transcribe the response.
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Re: MaxApp functionality suggestions

16.04.2015, 09:14

thanks for these ideas! Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team, Stefan
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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