Odd sorting patterns in coded & retrieved segments

12.05.2014, 08:22


I am analyzing interview data where the documents have been imported and named in MaxQDA11 using an interview number and subject alias naming scheme. That is:
01 name
02 name
03 name

However, I receive unexpected sorting patterns in the overview of coded segments window and also when I do a very basic retrieved segments search that calls up all coding on a single code. In the former, coded segments are always neatly ordered by the interview name (i.e., 01 name, 02 name, 03 name, etc.) but the order of the segments within each document is not. For example, first row may have a begin/end position of 50-56 while the second row is 20-24, and third row is 60-64. Of course, the easy fix is to column sort all codes by beginning position and then re-sort by document. However, I sometimes forget to do this and frustratingly export/print code retrievals that are out of sequence. What is the default sort order of coded segment overviews and is there a way to ensure that it will always self-sort by document and position of coded text within each document?

As for the retrieved segments search on one code, and sorting by document system, the code segments are always in an expected ascending order within each document however, the documents themselves are descending (i.e., 03 name, 02, name, 01 name, etc.). Is this proper behavior?

Thank you.
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Re: Odd sorting patterns in coded & retrieved segments

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MAXQDA saves the last used sorting column for a table. If you sort the "Overview of coded segments" table by column "Begin" and you re-open the table it should be sorted again by column "Begin".

If you sort it by two columns, MAXQDA will ony restore the last used sorting column.

Could you please answer some questions and we will think about what we can do:

- Which version do you use and are you using MAXQDA for Mac or for Windows?

- Where do you open the "Overview of coded segments" table?

Have you already tried the table view in the "Retrieved segments" window. You can set the sorting sequence for the whole window.

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Dr Stefan Rädiker
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Re: Odd sorting patterns in coded & retrieved segments

23.07.2014, 00:57

Hi Stefan,

Thank you for your reply. I have figured out the sorting problem for the Overview of coded segments window. I believe the issue was if I had a code open in overview, and then I coded new material into that code, the new coding would be sorted at the bottom (perhaps by date added) rather than updated in real-time to its rightful place per column sorting pattern. I have now just got in the habit of sorting by "begin" and then by "document" name prior to exporting codes.

The sorting in the retrieved segments window is still a problem. I tested it again after installing the 11.0.9b update for MaxQDA Windows. I took some screen shots to illustrate:

MaxQDA query example1b.png
Coding query that produced sorting pattern
MaxQDA query example1b.png (177.19 KiB) Viewed 8312 times

MaxQDA query example2b.png
Descending order of documents in retrieved segments window yet sort pattern is set to "Document System"
MaxQDA query example2b.png (128.87 KiB) Viewed 8312 times

Sorting in retrieved segments table view works fine but when I leave table view, everything is still sorted as it appears in screenshot #2.

Although unrelated, I did notice that when in table view, the tool tip that pops up while hovering over the icon to revert back to (I guess its called) retrieved segments browser still says "Change to table view". The same thing happens in the code system when trying to revert back from table view as well.

Thank you.
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Re: Odd sorting patterns in coded & retrieved segments

23.07.2014, 09:12


thank you for this information and the screenshots. This will be very helpful for us to reproduce and test the issue.
We'll get back to you after talking this through with our programmers!

Best regards,
Julia Gerson
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