MAXQDA for MAC internet connection problem

09.05.2014, 20:02

I have some problems to use MAXQDA on my MAC.
After I installed it successfully, I can not open it.
I showed some problems about internet connection errors. while my Mac was connected to internet and it worked perfectly.
How can I fix the problems. ...
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Re: MAXQDA for MAC internet connection problem

09.05.2014, 20:11

Hi chuchonook,

many thanks for your post. The message "No internet connect" can be displayed if there is no connection with our server for checking the licence (we will change this message in the free update to 11.0.6).

In this case a reinstallation with deleting the licencse may help. We kindly ask you to contact our online support team. They can guide through this process and reset the licence for you as soon as they are back in their office on Monday:

Best regards and we hope you still have some patience,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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