Splitting Coded Documents

20.03.2014, 23:07

I have a document that I have already coded, but that I would like to split into two documents so that I can put the latter half into a different document set. Is there a way to do this? I do not want to lose the codes that I already applied. I tried to export the document and codes and then re-import them, but this did not work. Perhaps I did it incorrectly.
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Re: Splitting Coded Documents

31.03.2014, 16:25

Hi Aaron,

you can do this by following these steps:

1. Right click on the document and choose "Export teamwork". MAXQDA will save all the coding and variable information for the document in a file

2. Export the document: Open the document and click on the icon "Export" in the Document Browser window. MAXQDA will save the document as a file

3. Import this file into the Document System

4. Right click on the document and choose "Import teamwork". Be sure to select the right target document by clicking in the first row. MAXQDA will import all coding information to the new document.

5. Now you can delete one part in each of the documents.

If you don't have many documents you can choose a similar but maybe easier way:

1. Create a copy of your project.

2. Delete all documents except the one you want to split in the copied project.

3. Choose "Project > Merge projects" and merge the project with the old one.

4. You will have both documents in the old project and can delete one part in each of the documents.

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