Linguistic research studies

16.02.2014, 19:59

Hi everyone,

I am an applied linguistics student. Currently I am writing a report on Maxqda. For the "literature review" part of my paper, I require some information. I have researched a lot but have not found any linguistic/ pragmatic studies that have used maxqda as part of their methodology.

In regards to this, if anyone can recommend some research papers, books, etc related to my field of study it would be great!

Looking forward to your replies.

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Re: Linguistic research studies

25.02.2014, 13:53

Hi Mayya,

you can find a long list of publications about/done with MAXQDA on this webpage:

If you can not find anything there, maybe you could contact the qual-soft e-mail list: ... l-software

Best regards,
Julia Gerson
Julia Gerson
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