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28.01.2014, 06:11

I am using MAXQDA 10 and I was wondering if there was a way to see the frequency of codes (percentage of codes) by a document or group of documents? I tried activating the documents and the document groups and even all the codes I wanted to look at but it keeps giving information on all of the documents not on the smaller portion of documents. If you could let me know how to do this I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
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Re: Code Frequency

31.01.2014, 15:41


I am not 100% sure what kind of percent you are looking for, but maybe this helps:

1. Activate the documents or document groups you are interested in
2. Open the dialog "Codes > Code frequency"

The “Activated coded segments” column tells you how often that code was used in the documents and document groups that are currently activated in the „Document System“.

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