Linking Codes?

18.10.2013, 22:07

I am trying to figure out if there is a way to link 2 subcodes so that they are both automatically applied any time either of them is applied. I will offer an explanation to help clarify my use scenario:

I have a subcode "Reactions to Others" that needs to be included under two primary codes 1) "Working with Others" and 2) "Choreographic Process". Any "Reactions to Others" that a participant had during the Choreographic process will ALWAYS be while working with another participant, and any "Reactions to Others" that occurred while working with others will, in this case, also be while working on Choreography. I am not able to merge these two higher level code categories, and have not been able to find a way to create a link between the codes either. Is there any way to accomplish what I am trying to do? Does this imply that somehow I have poorly constructed my code categories? If so, I would be interested in some resources to help me understand how to better organize my data.

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Re: Linking Codes?

21.10.2013, 20:48

Hi Aron,

this is an interesting question in my opinion. My first thought was, that the structure of the code system may be arranged new, if two codes occur at the same time for each case - or one of the code can be renamed with both names included.

But this may poor hints, because I don't have enough background information about your project, and maybe one code is a "subclass" of its mother/father code that doesn't contain all coded segments.

So I think the function "Copy coded segments" may help you more: After you have finished coding for a document or for your whole documents you can copy all the coded segment information from one code to another:

1. Right click on the source code and choose "Copy coded segments".

2. Right click on the target code and choose "Copy coded segments from <source code>".

MAXQDA will double the coding information from one code to the other and if there are not thousands of coded segments there should be no performance problem in anyway.

Hope this helps,
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