Problem with Viewing Coded Segments from PDF

09.10.2013, 19:11


I'm experiencing a somewhat alarming problem. I have both .docx and .pdf files uploaded to my document system in MaxQDA, but most of my files are pdfs. When I code the .docx files and view the coded segments from those files they look fine. However, when I code in the .pdf files, and view or try to export coded segments from these files, they appear with exclamation points in place of spaces, like this:


The pdfs don't look this way in the document browser, only when I am viewing coded segments. How can I get ride of exclamation points? This won't do at all for exporting code segments to write manuscripts! Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Problem with Viewing Coded Segments from PDF

10.10.2013, 09:10


this sounds like there are unvisible characters in the PDF documents. Perhaps you ran a OCR - Character Recognition for scanned articles? We kindly ask you if you could send the project (or a part of it containing one PDF with the problem) to our online support team. Then we can have a deeper look at it.

Please register and send your project via the following web page:

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