Importing codes for audio files?

01.10.2013, 13:06

I have a Maxqda database set up with transcribed therapy sessions and associated sound recordings. The audio files have previously been coded on a freeware platform, Audacity (would have been so good to have the sound coding options in Maxqda 11 available then, but alas I did not...). Thus, for each media file I have long lists of exact onset and offset times of different codes. Is there any way to import this information into Maxqda? It amounts to several thousand codes, so repeating the coding on the waveform in Maxqda is not feasible! Where are the codes attached to media files actually stored and would it be possible to copy coding directly into the database somehow?

And another question: Is it possible to import an Nvivo 10 project - I tried, but something did not work...

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Re: Importing codes for audio files?

02.10.2013, 19:37

Hi Sarah,

there is no special function to import coding information from a list into a MAXQDA project. If you send one of the lists via our online support formula we could have a look at its structure and we can think about how you can proceed with it. Please address the request to my name (Stefan) and mention the forum:

MAXQDA 11 for Windows can import NVivo Projects Version 9 at the moment (version 10 is not supported). Please find detailled information about the import procedure in the MAXQDA Help which can be found under the "?" symbol in the menu.

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