intersection of keywords of 2 lists within a sentence

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I face one problem when using maxqda. I would like to do the following: (1) I have one list with 21 keywords, I would like to use Maxqda to search for sentences that are containing these key words. Second (2), i have another list with 40 other keywords, here I want to do a search for sentences that are containing these 40 keywords.
At last (3), I would like to use Maxqda to find the intersection of the two searches in the first two steps. So finding sentences that contain 1 (or more) words from list A and 1 (or more) words from list 2.

Can someone help me with this?
I already tried extended lexical search. However, I can only insert a limited amount of words. With normal lexical search I can only search for words 'within a paragraph', but i only need a sentence.

Thanks in advance.

I would be really grateful if someone can help me out!


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Re: intersection of keywords of 2 lists within a sentence

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We have figured out the problem in our online support. For all forum visitors we post one solution here:

You can combine the lexical search with the automatic coding procedure of MAXQDA to answer your questions:

1. Create a hierachical codesystem with you search words. The codesystem
should be divided into two level 0 codes and the Codesystem window should
look like the following:

Intellectual Property
1. Patents
2. ...
External Structure
8. Brands ...
1. Accelerate
2. Anticipate

2. Repeat the following steps with each search term:

2a. Click on it to display it in the Quick Code List.
2b. Perform a lexical search for the search term you have clicked
2c. Start the autocode process by clicking on the button "Autocode selected
search results" in the search results window
2d. In the Autocode dialog window choose "Sentence", be sure to have the
right code selected and click "Autocode"

MAXQDA will code all search results and its surrounding sentence with the
selected code.

3. Now you can use the visual tool "Code Relations Browser" to display all
intersections between the codes. The tool can be found in the menue "Visual
Tools" and you can start it with "All codes" for the rows and the columns.
If you double click on an entry MAXQDA displays the coded sentences in the
"Retrieved segments" window.

This procedure may take a short time to start with, but in the end you will
be very flexible and can perform other searches in an easy way, too.

You can shorten the described procedure if you perform just two lexical
searchs and autocode the results: Type in all search terms from the first
list in (the simple) lexical search window and combine them with OR (which
is the default). Autocode the results with the code "INTERNAL STRUCTURE".
Repeat this with the second list. Now you can use the Code Relations Browser
to get the intersections, but the results are not differentiated.
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