Import Code Variables and dictionary search terms

30.07.2013, 20:40

I have a list of 4000 place names and lat long figures. How do I import them from Excel into the Code system?
I've tried "import code variables" without success.

How do I add the place names as search terms in a new dictionary so that I can use MaxDicto Coder? I've created a new dictionary, but I see no way of adding the search terms, i.e., the place names.

Finally, I'm getting repeated failures to import into documents .xlsx files. I have a better success rate with .xls, but the results seem to be hit or miss. Sometimes if I reboot, the import works. Sometimes, closing and reopening the program several times results in success. I'm using MaxQDAPlus 11.02--the latest update.


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Re: Import Code Variables and dictionary search terms

08.08.2013, 16:18

Hi robaire,

I try to give some hints on your questions, but I suggest, that you send the files to our online support team to give you some advises, because it seems to me, that we need to have a look at the files you try to import and that we need some more information about the task you try to solve with MAXQDA.

Please find the online support formula here:

Here now my hints:

1. To import 4,000 place names you can use the function "Codes > Import codes and memos". If you start the function and information box explains which structure is needed in the XLS/X file. 4,000 codes might be quite a lot for a Code System in MAXQDA and I am not sure, if this fits your needs, because you only get a Code structure and you would have to code manually or automatically code search hits -- but it won't be a nice task to do this for each code.

2. MAXDicito seems to be a better option for 4,000 places. MAXDictio uses a proprietary format for dictionary export and import, but it may be possible to create a file that fits the used structure. Please create a short dictionary in MAXDictio (with a hierarchy if you like) and export it. Rename the file extension to TXT and open the file in Excel to add your words. We suggest to have a test with this import routine with some words first.

3. Maybe the XLS file, you try to import has some special characters or is very long? In this case, you could try to split up the file into pieces. If you still have problems with importing the file, I suggest to contact our online support team, as written above.

Hope this helps ...
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