Rotating and linking Photos in MAXQDA

23.07.2013, 06:29

I have looked and I have not found out how to rotate photos in MAXQDA. I imported data (text and photos) from MAXApp and the photos were mostly upside down or sideways. How do I rotate them to the proper position within MAXQDA? The other thing that would help me is to link the photos back to the text in which they are linked. I had text with all photos in my data and I linked each text to its respective photo. But it would be nice to be able to link the photo back to the text in which I originally linked to that text initially. So after renaming my data that came in from MAXApp to be more descriptive and user friendly, I also linked each text element to its corresponding photo. I have been unable to link the photos back to the text to be able to see the words that go with the pictures. I have to go back to my naming process and search by hand to find the text. So, is there a way to link photos to text elements? It shows when I try to link the text, the "L" for linking grayed out and unable to be used when I try to link them. SO two big questions that will determine whether I can continue to demo and then purchase MAXQDA software:
1) Can I rotate images within MAXQDA?
2) Can I link photos back to their text that was originally linked to them?

Thank you to whomever can help me with these questions. I am sure that others would like to be able to do the same thing, especially anyone using Photovoice or other methodologies that link text and photos. I am using the FotoFeedback Method that I and other colleagues developed that can be used with evaluation as well as research data.
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Re: Rotating and linking Photos in MAXQDA

09.08.2013, 10:16


here a copy of our answer to the same question via our online support system:

Even though it is not possible to rotate photos in MAXQDA itself, you should have no difficulty if you rotate the photos with an external program (e. g. with Paint or other drawing programs). The files of the photos can be found in the folder ".../Apps/MAXApp/Name of project" - exported at (date), (time). Rotating them should have no effect on their integration in the MAXQDA project as long as you have not worked with them before the rotation (e. g. coding them, adding memos). Right now, MaxAPP imports only photos without rotations that are taken when the home button points to the right on the device.

If you have linked a photo to a text and both are documents in the "Document System", the link should work both ways: Clicking on the link in the text will forward you to the linked photo and the other way around. It could be that you have accidentally added several links at the same position either in the text or in the photo, which makes it impossible to link your photo and your text correctly. We would suggest that you remove all links at the corresponding positions in the text and in the photo. Afterwards, mark the text segment and link it to the photo segment again. If the link is still not working both ways, it would be very kind of you to send us screenshots of your links with the tooltip (the tooltip appears if you move the mouse cursor over the link for a moment).

Best regards,

P.S.: The method you have created sounds very interesting to me - is there a publication available?
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