Number and size of documents in a project

17.07.2013, 21:05

I just want to know if there is a limitation of the number and/or size of documents that can be imported in a project.
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Re: Number and size of documents in a project

09.08.2013, 08:21


there is a technical limit of 99,999 documents, but it is not recommended to go near this limit because of performance issues. There is no special limit for the document size, but as the manual says a text document (pure text) over 1 MB may slow down MAXQDA while working with this document.

PDF documents are usually larger which shouldn't cause a problem, too.

Be aware that there is no specific performance limit for documents, document sizes, codes, variables, memos and coded segments etc., because it depends on the hardware you use and the combination of the amount of data. If you have lots of documents but just a few codes and coded segments, MAXQDA should work fine. Also the other way round: If you have lots of codes and coded segments, but just a few documents, it should work fine, too.
Problematic may be if you have a lot of codes per document and you want to visualize all coding information next to the text.

Perhaps you can have a try with the demo version of MAXQDA?

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