Complex query (If inside)

20.06.2013, 08:56


I've got some troubles with Complex Query, more precisely "If inside". I followed the manual steps. However, I can't pick the code B - the possibilities (i.e. the codes from quicklist) are grey. Any idea?

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Re: Complex query (If inside)

09.08.2013, 08:50

Hi Ondra,

this is a bug in MAXQDA which can occur, if you have lots of codes in your project. We will provide an update for this issue for MAXQDA 10 and 11 soon.

If you need immediate help, you could contact our online support team, maybe we can offer you an intermediate solution:

Meanwhile you could also create a copy of your project and delete codes in it to perform the analysis you try to do.

Sorry for the inconvenience, best regards,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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