(Bug?) Problem exporting MS-Word table to Excel/HTML

05.06.2013, 15:13

My original Word-Docs consist of extensive tables. The table columns are properly displayed in the Document and Retrieved Segment windows, but when I export results to Excel or HTML, all the columns (cells) from the Word doc are merged into a single column, 'Segment'. Since I have to sort results on one of the fields (cells), the exported Excel sheets (tables) are not functional for my purposes. I can replicate this through several projects, they all use the same Word table structure. Seems to be a bug? -- Looks like this:

Original Word table
Column 1 Column2 Column3
(alpha) (numeric) (numeric)
Text_text_text 326 1908.07.24

Search exported to Excel
Various Columns Segment Various Columns
... Text_text_text3261908.07.24 ...

Advice would be appreciated.
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Re: (Bug?) Problem exporting MS-Word table to Excel/HTML

05.06.2013, 15:15

Sorry, the mailer stripped the spaces I had inserted to separate the columns in the example, but the query is clear (I hope).
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Re: (Bug?) Problem exporting MS-Word table to Excel/HTML

09.08.2013, 09:41

Hi Mike,

sorry for answering late, there was an issue with displaying the forum's entries.

I am not sure, if I understand the problem correctly: If you export the Retrieved Segments window, MAXQDA exports all the coded data into one column, because each row of the exported table contains one retrieved segment that was coded before. The table structure in the original Word document has no equivalent in the export table - these are different logics. While MAXQDA exports a segment (which may contain several columns of the table in the original text) it exports the whole data into a single cell, which can't contain different sub cells.

Perhaps you find the export as a text document in RTF format more helpful?

If you still have troubles with exporting tables in Excel format we kindly ask you to send us the project (or a part of it) via the online support so we will be able to reproduce the problem:

Best regards,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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