Highlighted text in retrieved segments window

24.05.2013, 20:31

Some of the text segments appearing in the retrieved segments window are highlighted in varying shades of green. This seems to be arbitrary and does not correlate to any of the code colors used to tag the text. Does anyone know why this is happening and what it signifies? I am activating more than one document and more than one code.

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Re: Highlighted text in retrieved segments window

09.08.2013, 09:24

Hi Aaron,

usually now segments are highlighted in the Retrieved Segments window, but there was an issue three years ago with MAXQDA 10 that highlighted the segments in the window. If you have a project that contains "old" coded segments, they might be displayed in highlighted green colours. If you recode these segments (delete and reassign the code) or if you switch on the Edit mode and insert a blank and delete it, switch off the Edit mode for each document you have green segments in, the highlighting should leave.

If this doesn't help you, we kindly ask you to post a screenshot of the problem here.

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