Scrolling and selecting

26.04.2013, 19:21

My project has a lot of codes... sometimes the code is not visible in the coding window and I have scroll up or down to find it.... this normally happens after I have selected the text in the document window. Clicking and dragging the text towards the coding window, I am able to scroll downwards by dragging it over and holding the cursor over the bottom of the coding pane --- the codes start to scroll down by themselves.... but it does not work the same way to go up... am I doing something wrong?

Also I was wondering if there was an option I could check to not deselect text after I have coded it. Quite often I have to code the same text with multiple different codes. After I code the text it is automatically deselected and I have to select it multiple times over and over again. Is there a short cut for this?

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Re: Scrolling and selecting

09.08.2013, 09:29

Hi Catharina,

if you still run into troubles with displaying the codings we kindly ask you to contact our online support team, send your project, and describe how we can reproduce the problem:

There is no option for keeping the coded text selected, but this may be a good idea for the future and we have added this to our wish list. Perhaps this hint may help you already: If you have coded a text, a coding stripe appears next to the text. If you click on the stripe or its code name, MAXQDA will mark the same text again.

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