Code an entire document as one unit?

27.02.2013, 19:29

Hi there, At work we use MAXQDA frequently for traditional coding, but I am working on a project now to manage our electronic resource library (JPEGS, PDFS and text docs.) The idea being that a user could enter a select set of codes, date, topic, etc. and be presented with relevant documents/sections of documents.

I am wondering if there is an easy way to code an entire document? I am familiar with the program and its traditional uses to code small sections, or groups of small sections, but am wondering if it is possible to select an entire document as a code segment. This is easy enough with word/text documents. But with large graphic based pdfs, selecting can get onerous. Any ideas/suggestions out there? (maybe this is just isn't the right task for the program?)
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Re: Code an entire document as one unit?

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in MAXQDA primary the document variables are designed to keep information for a whole document. There is no special function to code an entire document with a code.

If you have variables like "date", "topic" etc. defined for each document you can easily search for special documents by using the function "Activation by document variables".

I think an idea could be to combine codes in the "Code System" window and document variables: You can transfer each code in the "Code System" window into a dynamic document variable by right clicking on the code and choosing "Transform into document variable". MAXQDA will create a new variable that is labelled with the code name and represents the number of coded segments in the document for the specific code. MAXQDA automatically adjusts the frequencies, when you continue coding.

This means, you can code just a small segment of a PDF or a picture with a code to transfer the information you need into the document variables.

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