MaxQDA 11 forgets window settings onmulti monitors?

21.01.2013, 02:54

I love the ability to undock windows and move them onto my second monitor. However, MaxQDA doesn't seem to remember to reload any windows that I moved. After closing and re-opening the program, only the document browser window re-opened. I like having the other 3 windows on my second monitor. Can you add functionality for the program to reload undocked windows, and/or add some multi-monitor presets to the 'screen layout manager'?

Also, on a related note: this version continues to have some sort of incompatibility with Actual Multiple Monitors, which is the tool I use to extend my task bar onto my second monitor in Windows 7. I haven't experienced any other programs crashing when AMM is running.
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Re: MaxQDA 11 forgets window settings onmulti monitors?

30.01.2013, 20:23

Just to add my 2 cents to this thread....

I also use two monitors, and often find that any confirmation popup box (e.g. to confirm deletion of a section of incorrectly coded text or delete a code I decided I wasn't going to use) seems to get lost behind the other open windows on one of my screens and I can never/ever find it --- it just keeps dinging me until i resort to exiting the program. Can't even find it even if ALT-TAB through the open windows. No big deal, I just learned how to work around it.

I am using Version 10.
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Re: MaxQDA 11 forgets window settings onmulti monitors?

04.02.2013, 08:57


thanks for your posts.

We will have a look at the issues "varlokkur" has mentioned for MAXQDA 11:
- remembering the undocked window positions
- compatibility with Actual Multiple Monitors

Please note, that MAXQDA 10 is not optimized for multi monitor. Have you already tried using the Esc key if you run into troubles with the arrangement of windows and confirmation dialogs, Catharina?

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