Navigate to next code?

26.11.2012, 16:07

I'm just starting with MAXQDA so forgive me if I missed something obvious. I have a 37 page PDF file with a few codes distributed in it. I expected under the Document Navigation Toolbar to be able to navigate from one code to the next but don't see that as an option. I don't see any similar navigation in the keyboard shortcuts either.

(I can get a similar effect if I activate only the one document and all codes and click in the Retrieved Segments window, but that isn't nearly as convienent.)

As a separate topic, the keyboard shortcuts list Shift+Arrow as moving a document in the document system, but that appears to be Alt+Arrow instead.


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Re: Navigate to next code?

04.02.2013, 09:24


there is no special function to navigate from one coded segment to the next, but you can use the "Oveview of retrieved segments" window for this:

Activate the document and all codes by holding the Ctrl key and clicking on the document and the root of the Code System. Click on the small button labelled "Overview of retrieved segments" at the top of the "Retrieved Segments" window.

Click on the first row and use the arrow keys to navigate through the coded segments that are displayed in the "Document Browser".

Tipp: In MAXQDA 11 you can easily switch to the table view in the "Retrieved Segments" window by clicking on the "Chage to table view" button at top of the window.

Hope this helps!

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